21 November 2019

Monselice, Veneto region, May 2016: Rocca in Fiore (citadel in bloom). Villa Duodo, dated about 1593 on the right, and 1740 on the left.

San Gimignano, Tuscany region, July 2019: Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta (situated at the town's heart, and famous for its fresco cycles).

Matera, Basilicata region, October 2019: Cityscape. European Capital of Culture in 2019. It's a Unesco World Heritage Site that has inspired writers and movie makers.

Otranto, Apulia region, October 2019: Cityscape and harbour from the fortress. It's located on the east coast of the Salento peninsula, and the most easterly point of the italian mainland.

Lecce, Apulia region, October 2019: Triumphal Stone Arch (about 1548), to honor Charles V. One of the impressive entrances to the old city.

Livorno, Tuscany region, July 2019: Cityscape, in the heart of the old Venezia Quarter, with warehouses along the canals. The Venezia District was built in the 17th century by the Medici dukes to meet the needs of the foreign merchants in the city.

Orta San Giulio, Piedmont region, April 2019: The Palazzo della Comunità or the Broletto is in the center of the ancient village and dates back to 1582. It is one of the symbols of the feudal state of the San Giulio Riviera. Here the legislative and executive powers were exercised.

Poggio a Caiano, Tuscany region, April 2019: The Medici villa is perhaps the best example of architecture commissioned by Lorenzo il Magnifico, in this case to Giuliano da Sangallo towards 1480. Today it is state owned and it houses two museums.

Pisa, Tuscany region, June 2016: The leaning Tower (about 1174-1372), in Piazza del Duomo. On the left, the Capitoline Wolf, since 1926, for the visit of Mussolini in the city.

Milano, Lombardy region, June 2018: The Sforza castle (14th-15th centuries). It was built by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan. Later renovated and enlarged, it was one of the largest citadels in Europe. It now houses several of the city's museums and art collections.

Venezia, Veneto region, May 2016: View on Grand Canal, from Ponte degli Scalzi (bridge of the barefoot), near the railway station.

Padova, Veneto region, May 2016: St.Anthony Basilica, started immediately after the death of the Santo (1231) and completed at the beginning of the following century, it is an imposing construction in Romanesque Gothic style. It holds the body of St.Anthony and is the object of pilgrimages from all over the world. In the square stands the bronze equestrian monument dedicated to the Gattamelata, Donatello's masterpiece, completed in 1453.

Vada, Tuscany region, July 2019: The friendly lifeguard Matteo at Bagno La Lanterna in Pietrabianca, Etruscan coast. Beach of white and fine sand, particularly suitable for families with children.

Massa Marittima, Tuscany region, September 2018: The Saint Cerbonius Cathedral (13th century), in Romanesque-Pisane style, is located in the main Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the medieval town. Today, the city mainly lives in tourism, thanks to the presence of numerous works of art.

Populonia, Tuscany region, September 2018: Main gate and the fortress. Especially noteworthy for its Etruscan remains, including one of the main necropolis in Italy.

Portofino, Liguria region, August 2018: Cityscape from the ship. The town is clustered around its small harbour, and famous for its historical association with celebrity and artistic visitors.

Rapallo, Liguria region, August 2018: The castle on the sea, erected in 1551 to counter the frequent pirate attacks.

Volterra, Tuscany region, September 2018: Cityscape of the walled mountaintop town. Its history dates from before the 8th century BC and it has substantial structures from the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval periods.

San Miniato, Tuscany region, September 2018: The Cathedral dedicated to both Santa Maria Assunta and Santo Genesio, originally Romanesque but remodelled during the centuries, it also has Gothic and Renaissance elements.

Soraga, Val di Fassa, Trentino region, August 2017: Hiking trail in the neighbourhood of the village, in the dolomitic valley.

Padova, Veneto region, May 2017: Villa Molin, a masterpiece by Vincenzo Scamozzi, was built in 1597 for politician Niccolò Molin, ambassador of Venice republic. It is located between Padova and the Euganean hills, in the place called La Mandria, Via Ponte della Cagna, and it elegantly faces canale Battaglia. Visitable by appointment.

San Miniato, Tuscany region, September 2018: The Episcopal Seminary and Piazza del Seminario have a particular shape, influenced by the winding of the ancient walls that were leaning against primitive homes.

Lucca, Tuscany region, May 2018: The Renaissance-era city walls, around Porta Santa Maria.

Stresa, Piedmont region, April 2018: Cityscape from lakeside with Isola Bella.

Vò Vecchio di Vò, Veneto region, April 2016: Local cityscape, with Villa Contarini Giovanelli-Venier (about 16th century), in the Euganean Hills.

Stra, Veneto region, April 2016: Villa Pisani (about 1721), the most famous example of villa veneta located in the Riviera del Brenta.

Asiago, Veneto region, August 2017: Just north of city, the Lumera lake (a nord della città, il bel laghetto Lumera, oasi di pace).

Pistoia, Tuscany region, May 2018: Piazza della Sala, this was the ancient city centre under the Lombards. In 1453 the powerful Society of St.Iacopo adorned the square with the Pozzo del Leoncino (the Well of the Little Lion).

Montagnana, Veneto region, February 2016: Amongst the walled towns in Veneto, Montagnana has the best preserved medieval walls, which surround the historical centre for almost 2 km.

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna region, March 2016: The towers are a group of medieval structures. Here, from Via Rizzoli, the most prominent ones, known as the Two Towers (about 1120), are the landmark of the city.

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